All Characters are played by six actors as follows:

1 Montgomery Brewster
2 Tramp, Mack, Executor, Censor, Police Line up
3 English Barman, Charlie, Mrs Grey, Artist, Robber 1, Mr Drew
4 Archie, Solicitor 1, Butler, Robber 2, Police Line Up, Ship’s Captain
5 Frank, Peggy, Policeman
6 Nopper, Waiter, Solicitor 2, Barbara, Mrs Deville, Police Line Up, Croupier, Hotel Manager

Time: 1932.
Brewster’s Millions is a story that has entertained generations of readers and movie goers. This new adaptation for the stage has been based on the original novel and is set in the roaring thirties when more millionaires were created than at any other time in history.

Six actors play twenty-nine characters in this fast-paced comedy as Monty attempts to lose a fortune to gain an even bigger one.

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Brewster's Millions
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