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Call Girls

Call Girls is set in a call centre providing IT assistance to an unspecified company. Three of the women get on well together and ‘have a laugh’ but for the last six months their happy little group has
been spoiled by the presence of Laura, an arrogant and aloof troublemaker whose predilection for short skirts and low cut tops probably has more to do with her getting the job than any particular work skills.
Thankfully this is Laura’s last week and the others decide not to let her go without letting her know exactly what they think of her. Surprisingly it is Mary, normally the quietist member of the group, who really lets rip but  this uncharacteristic outburst could be the biggest mistake of her life.
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Mary - quiet and nervous
Jo - straightforward and sensible
Tracy - confident and self assured
Laura - in your face’ and arrogant
Gary - disinterested
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