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Community Spirit

The village of Snickerton has  a new community hall and all the local groups get together to organise an opening day that will never be forgotten. Pity Mel, the poor official from the local council who has to try to keep apart the warring factions.

There is Mike, the bombastic chaiman from the choral society, who clashes with Chris, his deadly rival, as well as just about anyone else who dare to disagree with him. Add a couple of lovies from the am dram, some representatives of Churches Together who couldn't be further apart, the leader of the cubs and beavers who sees things in the night, and a host of other characters including a caretaker with a very unfortunate name.

Community Spirit is a large cast play with eleven speaking roles and any number of none speaking roles that starts out as a comedy of manners but by the end is pure farce.

Great fun for any theatre group looking to involve as many of their members as possible.
No Licence Fee. Free to download. Free to Perform.

Mel – Self conscious Local Government Officer. Female 25+
Mike – Pompous Chair of Choral Group. 30+
Chris – Not Mike's best friend. Male 30+
Sam – C of E vicar. Male 40+
Pat – RC Priest. Possibly Irish. Male 40+
Hilary – Amdram Luvvess. Female 30+
Jim – Amdram Luvvee. Male 30+
Wendy – Mumsey scout leader. Female 40+
Brian – Quietly devious. Male 40+
Charlie – Slightly seedy. Male 40+
Caretaker – Put upon. Male 60+
Mayor/Mayoress - Probably 40+. Non speaking role.
Dignitaries - Two or more of either gender. Non speaking.
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