Life Begins Again

Life Begins Again is a prequal to Life Begins at Seventy but works very well as a standalone play in its own right.

Betty and Dorothy have been best friends since childhood, maybe the fact that they are so different is what keeps them together. Now in their forties Dorothy is happy with her domestic routine but her husband Frank is looking for a bit of spice in his life. Enter Helen, young and exciting she sends Frank's head in a spin.

Bill has a reputation as a ladies man but it is Betty that initiates the extra marital affair. Bill doesn't take much persuation. Things come to a head when both Frank and Bill start to get serious and the women have to take control of the situation.

Life Begins Again will delight audiences with this slice of 1980s romantic comedy

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Betty – Early forties, attractive, confident, sarcastic.
Dorothy – Betty's friend, early forties, conservative.
Frank – Dorothy's husband, early forties, weak but not a bad man.
Helen – Frank's lover, late twenties, modern, confident, non-committal.
Bill – Becomes Betty's lover, early forties, lothario who becomes smitten.
Michael – Betty's husband, early forties, enigmatic.

Time: 1981.
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