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Life Begins at Seventy

Life Begins at Seventy is a drama about love and life for four elderly but not ‘over the hill’ characters. The premise is that one can find love again but issues unresolved from the past will always come back. Dorothy and Betty are in their seventies and have known each other since childhood, the strength of their friendship borne of the differences in their character which is demonstrated by their constant, but good natured, bickering.

Tom and Bill have known each other for just a few years and also appear to be an oddly matched pair. Tom the staid, conservative gentleman; Bill the aging rouge with a half-forgotten reputation for womanising, yet it is Tom who first takes up the opportunity for romance when he chances upon Betty in the suet aisle of ASDA. Unfortunately for him, Betty and Bill have something of a past.

The play develops and romance blossoms, all of which is witnessed by Susan, a character so seemingly peripheral to the action that she is simply referred to as ‘waitress’ until the final scene when her importance to the situation, and to the decisions that need to be made, becomes very clear.

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Betty – Early seventies, straight talking, no nonsense.
Dorothy – Betty's friend, early seventies, conservative but with a razor wit.
Waitress – Forties, discreet, has a secret.
Bill – Early seventies, a half forgotten reputation as a ladies man.
Tom – Bill's friend, early seventies, a bit of a bore but a decent man.

Time: Present

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