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Mission Impossible

A meeting room, a flip chart, an enthusiastic facilitator, and four employees who are determined to give her a hard time. This is the background to Mission Impossible, a hilarious look at the corporate nonsense that anyone who has ever attended a team bonding session will know only too well. Ice Breakers and silly games do little to bond this team as the beleaguered facilitator gets tough to ensure that she gets the outcome she desires.

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Angela: Age 20 – 50, very smartly dressed. Cheesy cheerful.
Tim: Age 20 – 50, untidy business clothes. A bit of a joker.
Brian: Age 20 – 50, untidy business clothes. Disinterested.
Jacquie: Age 30 – 50, cheap suit. Self important.
Caroline: Age 20 – 40, standard business clothes. A little unstable.

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