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The Beginners Guide to Murdering Your Husband
This play is presented as though it is an instructional video that the audience are watching being filmed. Maddy will present a variety of methods for disposing of an unwanted husband, aided by Jim, her real life husband, and her faithful employees.

But is she really trying to get rid of her husband? Is the video just a ruse to lull him into a false sense of security? The parallels with their real life relationship give Jim plenty to worry about but, as the play reaches its its climax, we realise that nothing is what it seems.

Criss-cross indeed!

No Licence Fee. Free to download. Free to Perform.

Maddy, a business woman – F 35 – 45
Jim, her husband – M 35 – 45
John, an employee – M 20 – 40
Kerry, an employee – F 20 – 40
Julie, an employee – F 20 - 40

Printed copies available.