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The Cat and the Canary

The Cat and the Canary was written by John Willard and was first performed in New York in 1922. There are at least four film versions of the story, the first being a very influential silent film released in 1927.

This new version imagines the original play being performed as a live radio broadcast and should be presented on stage with the actors reading from scripts and the sound effects being performed live in view of the audience.

The twist is that the company doing the performance have a few problems with cast members not turning up, so have to improvise as best they can. Whilst this is very funny at times it does not take away from the original story which will have the audience intrigued from start to finish.

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Elowen Penhaligan, maid. Thick West Country accent. (Played by three members of the cast)
Roger Crosby, the lawyer.
Harry Blythe
Cicily Young
Susan Sillsby
Charlie Wilder
Paul Jones. (Played by the actor who plays Harry with a Welsh accent)
Annabelle West (Played by the actor who initially plays Elowen.)
Hendricks, guard at asylum. (Played by the actor who plays Harry with a Scottish accent.)
Patterson (Played by the actor who plays Harry with a French Accent.)
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