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The Mikado

The Mikado is one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most celebrated comic operas and is as popular today as it was when it first opened in 1885. By setting the opera in Japan, W. S. Gilbert was able to satirise British politics and institutions freely but everyone understood who was the true target for the humour.

In my updated version I have set the action in a hospital and have a few gentle little digs at bureaucracy but maintain the utmost respect for the dedicated individuals who work in the NHS.

It would be sacrilege to alter any of the lyrics so the songs remain unchanged except for "Little List" which is usually updated to include current references.

Whilst it may be a little unusual for a hospital to have a Lord High Executioner on the staff, not to mention a Wandering Locum Minstrel, we still get a happy ending and that is all that really matters.

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THE MIKADO OF JAPAN (and the South Cheshire Hospital Trust)
NANKI-POO (his Son, disguised as a wandering locum minstrel, and in love with YUM-YUM )
KO-KO (Lord High Executioner of the Hospital)
POOH-BAH (Lord High Everything Else of the Hospital)
PISH-TUSH (a Senior Consultant)
GO-TO (a Senior Consultant)
PITTI-SING -Three Sisters — Wards of KO-KO.
KATISHA (an elderly Lady, in love with NANKI-POO)

Chorus of Nurses, Doctors, Security Staff, and Health Care Assistants.
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