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The World and its Arse
Frank’s mind plays tricks on him as horrors from his past torment him. Len has nothing but memories. Brian doesn’t know what he’s got. He probably shouldn’t even be there but he has nowhere else to go. A few days in an NHS ward give us a glimpse into the lives of a diverse set of people.

You see all sorts in here Any colour, any class, any religion Disease doesn’t discriminate You get the world and its arse come through that door

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Frank (Male, Eighties) Fidgets and talks to himself. Has Parkinson's Disease. Well Spoken.
Nurse (Female, Thirties) Friendly, stressed, professional.
Porter (Male, Forties) Uncompromisingly cheerful.
Brian (Male, Forties) Timid, put-upon.
Doctor (Male, Any age) Cold, busy.
Sister (Female, Any age) Cool, professional.
Len (Male, Seventies) Hardly conscious. Gentle.
Judith (Female, Forties) Brian's wife. Angry.
Maureen (Female, Seventies) Len's wife. Scared.
Rosie (Female, Forties) Len's daughter. Practical.
John (Male, Fifties) Frank's son. Menacing.
Victoria (Female, Teens) Brian's daughter. Astute.

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