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The Tip of my Toga

My name is Maximus Flavius Maximus. My job: Private Detective. My status: Single. But that don't mean I ain't lookin; you could say that I'm a Roman Eye. The story I'm going to tell you happened on a day just like any other day.  In other words: quiet. It's March in the year 44 BC and I've not had a decent case since 51. If business doesn't pick up soon I might end up working until the early 30s or even late 20s. Boy do I wish that the years went forwards instead of backwards. Who invented this crazy system? And what the heck is BC?

So begins the Tip of my Toga, a play inspired by a radio sketch by Wayne & Schuster. A Sam Sapde type private detective is hired to investigate the murder of Julius Caesar. Why is Brutus acting so shifty. What is Caesar's widow doing in a bar? Why does everyone have New York accents? It's a job for Maximus Flavius Maximus

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Maximus: Private Eye. Sam Spade type character
Brutus: Senator who hires Maximus. Decidedly odd.
Antonia: Caesar's ally. Smart.
Claudius: Innkeeper. Don't call him Claude!
Calpurnia: Mrs Caesar. Beautiful, smart and with a hidden agenda.
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