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Waiting for a Train
All the action takes place on the platform of a rural railway station. It’s a play about life, destinations, purpose, love, and friendship.

Vicky and Ester are teenage friends waiting for a train that never comes.

They pass the time performing their own version of Waiting for Godot but with the arrival Lucy and Pam, not to mention the deadpan announcements over the loudspeaker system, the boundaries between reality and the absurd become blurred.

As it becomes clear that Vicky is suffering from schizophrenia we wonder how much of what we are seeing is just a figment of her imagination.
No Licence Fee. Free to download. Free to Perform.

Vicky - smart, intelligent and caring 18 – 30
Ester - vulnerable yet playful and fun 18 - 30
Pam - overbearing and unfriendly 35 – 45
Lucy - enigmatic and mysterious 16 – 18
Station Announcer (any age or gender)
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